Updated on January 23, 2017

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be ​WPI Green Team

Article II. Purpose

The vision of the ​WPI Green Team is to promote a sustainable environment at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and in the Worcester community. The ​WPI Green Team aims to foster sustainability and environmental integrity. The organization will serve as the bridge between students and the administration in matters relating to sustainability and environmental protection and will aid communication and collaboration between the two. The organization will help enforce the mission of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, aiding in the development of future leaders who will help build a sustainable world.

Article III. Membership

Membership for the ​WPI Green Team is open to all WPI students. Those who may be considered active members are individuals who have attended more than two meetings per academic term and who attend at least one event sponsored by the organization. Only those active members and the executive board are able to vote on matters concerning the organization when a vote is deemed necessary by the executive board.

The ​WPI Green Team will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, age, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, marital status, or national origin. The organization ensures that its membership will not practice any physically or psychologically abusive hazing behaviors either intentionally or unintentionally.

Members may discontinue their membership at any time. Members who are not active at any point in time may become active upon the recommendation of the executive board or fulfill the requirements of an active member as stated above.

Article IV. Officers, Duties, and Requirements

The ​WPI Green Team will be governed by an executive board, which includes a President, Vice President/Bike Share Oversight Chair, Bike Share Maintenance Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations Representative/Social Chair. Any active member will be able to serve on the Executive Board when elected through a democratic election (refer to Article VI). Project Leaders are considered to be officers and assume project duties, but are appointed by the Executive Board (refer to Article VI). All executive board members and Project Leaders must be full-time undergraduate​ ​students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and should be in good academic standing at all times during their tenure.

The ​President is responsible for the overall supervision of the affairs of the ​WPI Green Team, will call and preside over all executive board or general meetings, and will work with the Treasurer and Advisor to create the annual budget.

The ​Vice President and Bike Share Oversight Chair is responsible for all internal affairs of the organization including: performing the duties of the President in the absence of the standing President and overseeing elections for the organization. The Vice President oversees Project Leaders to ensure that the execution of events and activities runs smoothly. As the Bike Share Oversight Chair, this executive will be in charge of the Bike Share Oversight committee, who will be tasked with maintaining the user database, corresponding with users, enforcing judiciary policies and program rules.

The ​Bike Share Maintenance Chair is responsible for maintaining the bike share bicycles and associated hardware (keys, key-boxes, bike racks, etc.) and software. Additionally, this executive is in charge of emergency maintenance, addressing user issues, maintaining a relationship with Campus Police, and communicating with the Office of Facilities whenever extensive maintenance is needed. This executive is also to assist the Bike Share Oversight Chair whenever necessary, and should be an integral member of the Bike Share Oversight Committee.

The ​Treasurer is responsible for all fiscal responsibility connected to the ​WPI Green Team. This individual works closely with the executive board to maintain a balanced budget, handle fundraising efforts, and oversee all paperwork and transactions attached to the ​WPI Green Team.

The ​Secretary is responsible for keeping record of all meeting minutes, attendance, maintenance and upkeep of online calendars, the history of the organization, events archive, and sending out meeting minutes to the executive board, active members, and advisor.

The ​Public Relations Representative and Social Chair is responsible for the upkeep of any social media pages that promote the activities of the organization. This individual is responsible for the promotion of the organization’s campus-wide events in addition to communication with external organizations on joint operations, including Interactive Qualifying Project groups, separate WPI organizations, or off-campus entities. As the ​Social Chair, this executive is responsible for all social events and activities aimed to improve the interpersonal relations within the organization. This individual proposes ideas, and with approval, plans internal activities for the organization as a whole; including retreats and off-campus trips.

Project Leaders are responsible for planning, organizing, and executing events throughout the year. Project planning teams must include at least one other active member in addition to the Project Leader, however, the amount of total teammates is up to the discretion of the Project Leader and/or executive board. Project Leaders must be in constant communication with the executive board in regards to the planning and execution of any event.

Article V. Meetings

Meetings of the ​WPI Green Team will be held on a weekly basis and shall be called by either the President or the Vice President. When voting is required within the organization, half of the active members must be present. These meetings will be governed through Parliamentary Procedure

Article VI. Elections & Officer Replacement/Removal

Elections will take place for all Executive Board positions (except for Project Leaders) once an academic year in the middle of C Term through a democratic procedure in the form of a closed door vote. Project Leaders for annual events will be appointed at the beginning of A Term and C Term. Additional Project Leaders may be appointed throughout the term if approved by the Executive Board and seconded by the majority of active members. Any active member of the ​WPI Green Team may remove themselves from the organization at any time. Additionally, any member of the Executive Board may resign from his or her position at any time by submitting written notice to the executive board which will be effective immediately upon receipt of the letter.

Removal from office may be due to the disinterest or resignation of the current officer. In this case, the Executive Board may appoint an interim chair to the open position by a majority vote. If removal is due to the Executive Board member failing to perform his or her duties, a vote of more than half the active members is necessary to remove an individual from office.

Article VII. Judicial Action

The ​WPI Green Team shall abide by the rules and policies of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The organization shall also accept the decisions of a Campus Hearing Board in dealing with charges brought against the organization should policies be violated.

Article VIII. Finances

The ​WPI Green Team may be funded by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Student Government Association (SGA).

Article IX. Advisor

The ​Advisor of the ​WPI Green Team shall be chosen by a search committee whose membership will include the Executive Board and any interested active members. The Advisor shall be a full-time WPI faculty or professional staff member. This advisor may attend general meetings and meet with the Executive Board members when deemed necessary. However, the Advisor will not have voting privileges in the organization. In case of the Advisor discontinuing his/her full-time position at WPI or resignation by his/her own will, a new Advisor shall be chosen by the defined search committee.

Article X. Amendments/Revisions

Amendments to this constitution must be approved unanimously by the executive board. Once passed, amendments must be approved by more than two-thirds of the active members in the organization. Any proposed amendments must be provided one week prior to a vote. Any active member or Executive Board member may propose an amendment to the constitution.

Article XI. SOC Enabling Clause

The ​WPI Green Team agrees to abide by the policies of Worcester Polytechnic Institute as well as all federal, state, and local laws. Any changes to this constitution and/or bylaws will follow, in word and spirit, all WPI policies and all federal, state, and local laws.